Puts Norway on the Astrology map

Text and photo: Anine Gutubakken Bylesanine@ab-avisene.no

Astrologer Andrew Bevan from Husejordet, Asker, has praticed for 30 years. Now he is receiving international acclaim.

Old books: Andrew Bevan finds it interesting to study old astrology books.

Bevan is experting in a wide range of astrological practice, ranging from personal counselling to teaching and business assignments. He has foretold a number of events in the field of seismology, economics, politics and society. Recently, he received an invitation from "Astrological Research Project" in India where he was asked to be a guest lecturer at the International Annual Conference in New Delhi next year. "I am accustomed to speaking for relatively small groups and anything up to a few hundred people, but in the main auditorium at the Siri Fort Auditorium Complex, there will be closer to 2,000 people in attendance. The Indian Prime Minister is invited to solemnize the official opening and a number of universities and other educational institutions will be represented, " says Bevan who will be giving two lectures about his experiences and techniques developed through 30 years.

Recognized in India

Astrology has a different position in India. For Bevan the invitation therefore comes as a welcome recognition. - In India Astrology ranks among the Sciences and is a well respected diagnostic tool. It's hard to get the same academic recognition of Astrology in Norway. The most I have delivered for over 30 years has nearly been done on almost thin air," says the astrologer who has applied for funding many times without success. He think the cause is the commercial exploitation of astrology in our culture, and a lack of curricular, knowledge shown by some actors.

-A well known Norwegian television host would have me as a segment of his television show dressed up in a wizards hat. Nothing came of it. It would not have been good for either of us. I am no circus horse, Bevan points out.

Most of his work today he delivers from a small home office. In addition, he has a payphone service.

-In that way I'm more available. It is a convenient and uncomplicated solution that means people can more easilty reach me in our longstretched country. The professional standards and quality of the services deliverdd I am still responsible for, and this I've got good control on, he explains.

In recent years, Bevan has complement his career through working with children and youths.

-It could have been fine to have had a sponsor on the team. Astrology is "The mother of Sciences". It shows up everywhere in the world's religions and in arts and culture, and the real Astrology has historically had a close association with astronomy and research. I do not have the resources to do all the tasks. I think my contribution is on a par with all the other cultural, academic and sporting achievement, and I represent Norway anyway. But for sponsors there occurs other interesting problems that include cultural differences. If anyone is to expand their horizons, they also have to be able to think outside of their comfort zone, "says Bevan.

Life Clock: Andrew Bevan shows us what a Life Clock may look like.

Life Clock

Bevan explains that there are several techniques in the field of astrology for gaining information about the person, their life situation or any other matter had to be dealt with in the course of a life.

“-Some of these methods seemed unnecessarily complicated. A couple of paragraphs in some old texts from the 2. and 16. century (AD) put me on the track and I developed a technique that gave the picture in no time.” Bevan explains that there are certain similarities between his methods and the traditions of Western Astrology that makes India is especially keen to look at what he's been working on.

For three decades Bevan been a part of the international astrologer environment; his articles have been translated into various languages and been used for teaching purposes in several continents. Bevan gets a lot of weird stories served in the course of a work week, a makes sure to note on every insight, but hasn't released a book as yet. -To go through all the material and re-write it in order to protect all matters of confidentiality is a tremendous job, "he explains.

According to Bevan, he has forcast and alerted a number of events, including earthquakes. "I foresaw the biggest earthquake in 50 years in Norway to the exact day; I notified that Bondevik was to succeed as Prime Minister when Jagland took over after Brundtland, and as a 22-year-old in 1985, I calculated that the discovery of a unknown planet beyond Pluto to the 3. Nov. 1995 - just to mention some, says the astrologer.