Thomas Algaard


Thomas Alsgaard is one of the giants of Norwegian skisport. He took over the heritage after other historical warriors like Vegard Ulvang and Bjorn Daehli. Algaards chart shows his natal Sun square the degree of its own exaltation - a token of Royal dignity. Alsgaard won his first Olympic Gold Medal in the 30km free technique in 1994, age 22 years. His Solar Age Point was 7 Virgo, square the Midheaven, and disposed by Mercury who is received by Jupiter on his own throne.

He won the Gold Medal in the World Championships 15km of 1999, his Solar Age Point in Leo. At the age of 28years his Solar Age Point enters Cancer, and with Moon in Scorpio his health is more vulnerable. He has been suffering from back problems. In the World Championship of 2003, he suprized everyone by going forth and winning the 30km free technique and then after a few days of sickness (stomach infection Moon Scorpio), he performed another phantom race which gained the Gold Medal for the Norwegian relay team.The Moon transited his Sun sign on the day. His results are terrific, but he is gambling with fate and there might be a price to pay if he pushes that back too far.