Cato Zahl Pedersen


This person gives witness to an incredible story. Cato Zahl Pedersen is the winner of 11 Olympic Gold Medals for Norway in the Olympics for Disabled in 1980, 1984 and 1988. In 1983 he received the Ekeberg Prize of Honour, the highest award that may be received by any Norwegian athlete.

Until the age of 14, Cato was just like any other average Norwegian boy. He'd get up to the usual antics and loved playing with his friends in the woods not far from home. Then on the evening of May 5.1973 an event struck which changed Cato's life in a way no one would have believed in forehand. Cato and his friends were out in the woods making a hut out of the branches from a  pine tree. Then Cato decided to climb part-way up a mast carrying high voltage cables to get a better view of the area. He made sure to keep well away form the cables. However, it was wet and somehow the electric current of 17.000 volt struck down and through the body of the fourteen year old. His friends though he was dead. He lost his whole left arm and half of the right. The right arm was equipped with a claw which Cato makes good use of. After the fatal accident of May 5. 1973, Cato fought back and became one of Norways most respected personalities and one of the most cherished personalities of Norwegian sports.

Cato is 14 1/2 years old at the time of the fatal accident. His Age Point is directed to 26 Taurus, conjunct the fixed star Algol. Algol is the most fearful and violent star of the celestial hemisphere. The Age Point is directed to the sign of detriment Mars (cuts and burns!) and the Age Point is disposed by Venus who is in high voltage Aquarius in the 6th house of health. Mars and Venus are contra-parallel. The danger of loosing limbs is shown by the Moon in Pisces.

R.E.Bills Rulership Book says that Uranus and Pluto are the significators of electrocution. Uranus and Pluto contain the Ascendant of the natal chart. When the accident occurred, transit Moon was in Gemini, ruling the hands and arms. There is a lunar eclipse on July 15. at 22degrees 51 Capricorn. This is but one degree from Cato's natal Sun.

However, Cato makes his way into Norwegian history as The Age Point passed through Aries, with Mars culminating in the 10th house. In October 1980 Cato ran the New York Marathon and finished no. 709 of 14500 participants!! The next day he married his 13 year older Martha at the United Nations Chapel in New York City. Cato was 21 1/2 year old - his Age Point was 23 Pisces and transiting Jupiter had opposite the Age Point in the end of September. This would give him cause for long journeys out into the world and the urge to build bridges through establishing relationships. Chiron is on the cusp of Cato's 7th house. Martha had herself been disabled once, but recovered from an attack of polio when she was seven years old. When they met she was specializing in the treatment of disabled people.

On Nov. 4. 1994 he conquered the South Pole on skies. While the Norwegian explorer achieved this feat single handed, Cato's pun at the time  was that he accomplished the same feat unarmed. At the time, the Age Point is in icy Capricorn with Saturn on the winter solstice in conjunction with Mercury, lord of the fortunate 11th house.