Prince Charles


Prince Charles wed at the Age 32years and 8 months. His Age Point was 19 degrees Capricorn and square the exaltation degree of the Sun. Capricorn is not good for love and affection, and it was probably a marriage of convenience. The ruler of Capricorn is in the sign of the Virgin. Diana has her Sun in Cancer which is in the 12th house of Charles which means she accidently and unintendingly inconveniences him.

This is an exciting chart - particularly in regard to the question of whether he ever will be King and his relationship to Camilla Parker Bowels which was a topic of great discussion when his Age Point entered into Libra just before he celebrated 46 years. Venus is in her own sign, but conjunct Neptune and opposes the Midheaven (Do you think he will abdicate?). As Prince Charles came to his 55th birthday in Nov. 2003 his Age Point comes to Saturn who rules 7th house of relationships. I believe this coincides with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowels appearing together in public and seeking public acceptance..

Charles was widowed at 48years and 8 months, his Age Point was 13 degrees Libra. It recently passed Neptune and was closing in on Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood.

In October 2004 Charles' Age Point entered Leo, moving between the body of Saturn to the body of Pluto. While Leo brings about the issue of whether he will be King - the Saturn/Pluto beseigement may indicate both public and political opposition. The Sun who rules Leo is in the seperative and transformative Scorpio on the cusp of the 5th - pointing to his first born Son, William. Maybe this question is settled in 2006 when the Age Point squares the Sun in January 2006 and moves to the body of Pluto one year later.

Addition 6. Oct 2007
Charles' Age Point crossing Pluto in January of 2007 coincides with Camilla's operation and hysterectomy. Then there was the question of Prince Harry wanting to go and fight in Iraq. Family issues are obviously at stirr and in turmoil - but then the crises seems to have passed by and everything safe and sound for the time being, anyway. But could these pressures be an indication of some reorganizing going on behind the scenes. Notice how the Age Point, when passing Pluto, forms the semi-square and sesquiquadrate to the Uranus/Jupiter opposition, signifying the urge for freedom. Pluto is in the first house of Charles and does indicate radical changes in his life pattern. What will be the triggering factor that causes Charles to translate his virtue to his Son, William, as indicated by the Sun in Scorpio on the cusp of the 5th house of children. Notice, Mars, ruler of the 10th and Prince Charles' Office is also in the 5th in an intercepted sign. There is a pattern of force and destiny here.

The alternative is that Charles ascends to the thrown as his Age Point enters Cancer, which occurs one month before his 61st birthday. This triggers the location of the Moon, who is exalted in Taurus in the 10th house in conjunction with the Moon's North Node. But even then one would have to consider the location of the Moon's dispositor, who is Venus, and who is in opposition  to the Midheaven and in conjuntion with Neptune, which could indicate his consideration of backing out of the task.

Prince William's Age Point entered Cancer when he reached the age of 24 1/2years. He has his Sun, Moon and North Node in this sign, which is an indication of dignity. Jupiter who rules Cancer by exaltation is on the cusp of the 10th house - it is going to happen! He will be pushed to the top and the front line by an extraordinary manner.

The chart of Queen Elizabeth shows Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th, who has his exaltation on the 9th house of GRANDCHILDREN. Her grandchild will be moved forward and inherit the throne.