Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton - President of the USA 1993-2001

The chart of Bill Cinton is most impressive. Both the Sun and the Moon are fortified and dispose the 10th and the 11th houses. The ruler of the Ascendant is in its own sign. Saturn is detrment but has dignity by both term and face. The most afflicted planet here is Mars who is in his detriment in the Ascendant. This planet represent a threat and  problem to the president, but if he has to stand to court he is saved by the disposition of Venus in her own sign, Libra. In a positive sense, through, Bill Clinton Mars in Libra (conjunct Libra) becomes a most highest example of a person working for diplomacy, peace and disarmament.

Clinton commenced his first Presidental period as at the age of 46 years. His Age Point had entered Sagittarius - ruled by Jupiter conjunct the benefic fixed star Spica in the first house. Jupiter has dignities in the Midheaven by exaltation. 

His sense of security was attacked as the Age Point opposed Uranus and the Moons North node in 95-96. Upon the first contact of December 95 he lost his mother. Then when the Age Point crossed the Southern Node in August 96, someone flew a small private aircraft into one of the wings of the White House. The President was not at home at the time of the incidence.

In August 1998 the Age Point entered Scorpio. Hell broke loose as the Lewinsky case came to surface. Traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars is in his detriment on the Libra ascendant, conjunct Neptune, so he was totally exploited. Mars is also ruler of the 7th house of open enemies. The ruler of the 7th house in the first house, he is attacked and also virtually disarmed and pacified in accord with the nature of Neptune. However, one of the issues that he and his wife Hillary Clinton worked for was that of medical care..