Capricorn ingress 1987


This is the chart which lead to the prediction of World record holder Geir Karlstads fall in the 10.000m speed skating event at the Winter Olympic Games at Calgary 1988. The Capricorn Ingress calculated for Oslo puts the Void of Course Moon on the local horizon. Hence, misfunctions, irregularities and freak happenings would be in the foreground. As predicted, it proved to be the poorest Norwegian result EVER during a Winter Olympics. In Karlstads case, he was born with natal Sun in Cancer and ruled by the Moon. The Void of Course Moon takes him down on Capricorn's slippery ice.

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The Void of Course Moon does not favour favourites but outsiders may do well. One outsider who succeeded amidst the Norwegian total flop was the ski-jumper Erik Johnsen, who unexpectedly 'FELL' to a silver-medal in the ski-jump event. Silver is of course the metal associated with the Moon. Other arists who made the front scene was the group "Disimillies" The group assembled of disabled members received applaus an recognition from both a national and international audience.

The Moon signifies humidity and  the Oslo district received a record downpoor of rain this January.

As an example of Capricorns 'shiver', I mention that the Munch-painting "Vampire" was stolen. And since Capricorn also plucks a classical string, it was interesting to observe how the empire of  finance-giant "BACH" came to crumble. There was some marvelous demonstration of synchronity here, because 4 years later Geir Karlstad won his Olympic Gold Medal in the 5.000m speed scating in the Winter Olympic games of Albertville in 1992. Bach was again to reach the headlines after being shot at and one of Norways favorite art attractions in the Vigeland Park, "Sinnataggen", a statue showpiece of an illangry little boy, was cut down and stolen. Both the "Vampire" and the "Angry Boy" were recovered.

(c)Andrew J.Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.