Princess Diana


Lady Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles on July 30.1981 at the age of 20 years. At the age of 18 years her Age Point entered Leo and she gets involved with the Prince of Wales. Leo is, of course, ruled by the Sun who is joined to Mercury, who is the Lord of her 7th house and the significator of her partner. In Leo the Age Point joins with the Moon's North node, a point of prominence, and then Uranus. This describes all the excitement and attention surrounding the fairytale story of her engagement to Prince Charles, and something about the impact this is having upon her life. With Mercury, Lord of the 7th, conjunct the Sun, she marries into Royalty, yet Mercury is retrograde and combust, and to all sadness Diana gets all burnt up. On the day of her Wedding her Age Point is 18 degrees Leo. This is trine the exaltation degree of the Sun at 18AR56, a relationship that is particularly significant because the Sun casts his exaltation by trine from Leo to Aries

The fatal accident  in Paris on Aug 31. 1997 occurrs in company with her lover, Dodi Fayed. She was 36 years and one month old and her Age Point is 12 degrees Taurus. There are two major fatal events in Diana's life: One is marrying Prince Charles with AP 18Leo, the other is the fatal car crash and her death with AP 12 Taurus. These two degrees are on the antiscia of one another. In both cases there 'Worlds in Collision'. Taurus is ruled by Venus who is joined to the fixed star Algol. Someone looses their head and acts carelessly. By exaltation the Age Point in Taurus is disposed by the Moon. Venus and Moon are square one another and below the horizon. The Moon is Void of Course in Aquarius and Venus is on the midpoint of Moon/Uranus. The Age Point applies to the opposition of Neptune, indicating the build up of delusion and dissolvement Diana is experiencing at the time.

 I have on record the chart of another victim of a high speed car accident. Here also the person was the mere passenger and sat in the back seat of the car. In this chart Jupiter is conjunct Algol, while in Diana's chart Venus holds this position. Both chart have Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo, too. I reason that Aquarius represents the automobile, together with Cancer that is like being trapped in an egg. Both Diana and the other native experience the divorce of their parents. Not that this was the cause of the accident, but it was not the first time they had felt trapped in a group or family situation, or being in the 'back seat of the car', and powerless to do anything. Maybe it shows the native feels he or she is not in control of other important circumstances going on in his or her life.

In the case of fatal accidents of this kind it would appear the accident tends to 'seek out the native' and is unintended and caused by the actions of a third party. Such events are hard to avoid as they are ever so hard to recognize as they appear. The first thing is to realize that environment, to some extent, is an extension of the self. The accident is outlined in the natives chart, although the action is coming from beyond the sense of self and boundaries controlled by the individual. Another things is to warn these events so their trap and potential  may be dealt with constructively, without causing unneccesary alarm or hazard.

In both car accidents the victim was playing no active part in the collision, in fact, the drivers in the front survived in both cases. The challenge on part of the victims, the passengers sat in the back seat, which in one of these cases was Princess Diana, was to realize the danger as represented by someone else, put their foot down and insist that secure speed limits should be followed, or else get off and not be a part of the fiery flight.

From the Age of 28 years and through to 32 years Diana's Age Point would have been passing through Gemini, with Mercury combust, and it is likely Charles and Diana were drifting apart from one another with separate affairs going on behind the scenes.