Queen Elizabeth II


Elizabeth II was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor at 2.40 a.m. on 21 April 1926 at 17 Bruton St. in Mayfair, London. She became second to the throne when her Uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated on 11 December 1936. Elizabeth's chart shows Saturn, Lord of the ascendant,  retrograde in Scorpio on the Midheaven. It was an unanticipated change of fate and a constitutional crises that should lead to Elizabeth's rise to power. Only a few months into his regency, Edward VIII, proposed marriage to the American divorcée Wallis Simpson. With his choice not receiving the approval of the British Government, Edward put love before Kingdom, abdicated, and was succeeded by Elizabeth's father, George V. 

The ruler of the Midheaven in Elizabeth's chart, Mars, is in the abrupt and reorganizing Aquarius. Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception through the signs Scorpio and Aquarius, termed violent, since they separative, rejecting and ejective in nature. Mars is joined with the Greater benefic Jupiter, who is ruler of the 11th house of  preferment. This happened when Elizabeth was 10 1/2 years old. Her Age Point was 18 Scorpio, had just moved through the cursed degree of 19 Scorpio and entered into the 'Gift Box' beyond this point. At 18 Scorpio the Age Point is also on the antiscia of her natal Moon at 12LE03. She received the title Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is likely to have met the 5 year older Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in 1934 and 1937, however, after meeting him again in July of 1939 the 13 year old Princess fell in love with Philip and they started to exchange letters. Elizabeth's Age Point was 2 Scorpio and building on the opposition to her natal Sun at 1 Taurus. They married 8 years later on 20 November 1947 with Elizabeth's Age Point being 12 Virgo, just coming off the opposition to her exalted Venus at 13PI58 trine Pluto at 12CN43 and casting its antiscia to the exaltation degree of the Sun at 18AR56.

Her first child, Charles, was born on 14 November 1948 when Elizabeth was 22 1/2 years of age. Her Age Point is 6 Virgo and casting a semi-square to the Moon's North Node at 20CN20. Transit Saturn, who is both Lord of her ascendant and culminating on the Midheaven of  Elizabeth's chart, is also 6 Virgo and within a degree of the Age Point.

On 6 February 1952, upon the death of her father, King George VI, she ascended the throne, 15 years after the abdication of her Uncle Edward. Elizabeth was 25 years and 10 months of age. Her Age Point had reached 16LE48 of Royal Leo, with transit Sun in 16 degrees Aquarius. Her coronation was 20 months later on 2 June 1953 with her Age Point 6LE52. Elizabeth has her natal Moon at 12LE07, which is on a close midpoint on the date of ascending to the throne and her coronation.

The Queen referred to the term 'Annus Horriblis' under a speech in November 1992. She was 66 1/2 years at the time with the Age point 12 degrees Sagittarius. This is a term I originally would have associated with her retrograde Saturn culmination in Scorpio, but the Age Point doesn't get there until 3 years later in 1995 (Charles and Diana's divorce was formalized in Aug 1996). Curiously enough the Age Point at 12 Sagittarius is trine her natal Moon and also indicates 45 years of marriage to Prince Philip. At least the Queen summarized the current situation and made a formal and yet personal statement at the time. The crunch in the chart is transit Pluto through 22 Scorpio casting a hard square to Age Point dispositor, Jupiter, at 22AQ31.

Her Majesty's Age point was in the 20th degree of Libra, square the Nodes, and within 15' of the very fall of the Sun at 18LI56 when Princess Diana lost her life in the tragic car accident in Paris on 31 Aug 1997.

Prince Charles wed Camilla Parker Bowles on 9 April 2005. Queen Elizabeth was close 79 yrs old and her Age Point was 27VI35 and opposite her natal Uranus. The relationship had been subject to much controversy and both Charles and Camilla had previous marriages behind them.

Her Majesty's Age Point is located at 0VI13 on 1 November 2009. It crossed the antiscia of Chiron in June 2009 and is due to cross the fixed star Regulus as it enters into Leo and picks up on the antiscia of her natal Sun. The crossing of the Age Point into a new 5 year period is always interesting and should watched attentively.