Date: 15.05.2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - (April 22. 2011)


Azerbaijan won Eurovision 2011

As early as October 2010, Andrew Bevan looks at the chart for the Eurovision 2011 final in Düsseldorf on May 14. 2011 and picks out United Kingdom, Ireland and France as the top favorites to win the event. on October 16. 2010 - and that is before participating nations had decided their winning entries!! And he was right - UK, Ireland and France were all held among the top 5 favorites by Bookmakers to Win the Event. Yet as the contest kicked off, tables were turned and Azerbaijan snatched their first Eurovision victory!

Congratularions Azerbaijan! Yet, what happened? Read the Full Story!


Chart for the Eurovision 2011 Final, Düsseldorf, Germany.

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The early opinion on this chart was that the Sun angular on the cusp of the 7th house could take the victory SouthWest. Venus in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Taurus: Could this be interpreted to be nations like the United Kingdom or Ireland, or could the flashy Sun in the West could prove a testimony for France?
The lyrics should reflect partnership, sharing, travel and belonging together, said Andrew Bevan. There is nothing extraordinary about that - but maybe Mars in the 6th also has something to do about functionality and solving a problem.
Early predictions from bookmakers showed France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Estonia and Azerbaijan among the favorites of 43 participating nations.
Betfair May 11. 2011:

France, Ireland and UK are all at the top. How did the astrologer do it? Yet on the night tables were turned: 1) Azerbaijan-221 points  2) Italy -189 points  3) Sweden-183 points 
9) Ireland-119 points  11) UK - 100 points, and  15) France - 82 points. 
The unanswered question is what was the astrologer picking up on, and how did he get it wrong?
Azerbaijan was seen
On April 20. at Skyscript the astrologer spotted Azerbaijan and said that if he had the option of swapping cards and changing one Taurus-nation (Ireland) for another (Azerbaijan), his choice would go with Azerbaijan.
Quote: If I was to swap cards and exchange one Taurus nation for another, I would probably go for Azerbaijan – but this is South East of Dûsseldorf and does not agree with the initial prediction.
The trouble with the Azerbaijan entry is that it is called ‘Running Scared’ and the lyrics remind me of someone in desperate consideration of whether to jump of the side of a bridge (Moon in Libra). The song is about a guy so crazy for this girl he’s scared about just about everything… breathing, life, the light, the dark. All the same, he seems to think this demonstrates satisfactory strength to attract and protect the girl of his life. I think not. Well, in the event chart there is the mutual reception between Mars and Venus, rulers of the 1st and 7th houses. The Moon has recently separated from the body of Saturn and square of Pluto. That could be about enough to scare the wits out of anyone.
Quote, May 15 : I also think that the Moon in Libra coming off Saturn and the square to Pluto had something to do with the title 'Running Scared' - but I am not quite settled on the story yet. Sometimes I think the title of a song like this may reflect something about where we are collectively - socially and economically, which gives a few thoughts to chew on...


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