What happened February 9-11th 2005 ?

Commentary: Predicting events for specific dates is a hazardous affair and like trying to detect the structural tensions lay latent in nature. Whether stress and tension increases to the point where those expected events manifest and actually come to surface, is just one of those complexities connected to the prediction of the future. We like to believe it is possible to change the future and make choices that prevent the worst and that promote the best. And our attempts are geared in that direction.


British Anti-Terror Police claim to have arrested a man at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday the 8th of February under the suspision of planning a terrorist action. I can present an e-mail sent Scotland Yard on January 24th concering my fears of such an attempted attack against the United Kingdom, their major airports or the channel tunnel.  Similar warnings were also sent the Norwegian Prime Ministers Office and several embassys. 


On Feb. 9. Madrid suffered a terrorist bomb, but it is possible to say that injuries fortunately were limited to 42 people. Of deeper concern this day is issue of North Korea declaring its possession of nuclear weapons. This could spell tensions and troubles further down the line.

On Feb.10th 25.000 people lost their homes when a dam collapses in the southwest of Pakistan. Several hundred casualities are feared as result of the wave and flooding.

Returning to the United Kingdom, Prince Charles announced he is to be married with Camilla on April 8th. This raises the issue regarding who is to inherit the throne. When Charles weds on April 8th this is the second time he marries on the day of a solar eclipse. If you belong to the category of men considering your 2nd marriage the chance of hitting two solar eclipses is about 1:33.000. As the American astrologer Debbie Kempton Smith wrote shortly after Charles marriage to Diana : "-Married life will take unexpected highways for this lovely couple!" In other words - married life appears to be a complex matter for Charles. Prince Williams birthchart suggests that his father will not be King or he will resign from the throne.

The Tsunami-catastrophy of Dec.26th 2004 was the result of the tremendous energy-releases caused by the Sumatra earthquake. Earthquakes are due to the colliding of continents in the layers the Earths surface. Such catastrophic frictions and energy releases are the nature of some meetings, relationships and partnerships.

I include these observations to provide an example of what may lie further down the pipeline from those events and announcements made on the critical dates of February 9-10th 2005.