Krisitin Halvorsen


Posted 2002: 

Kristin Halvorsen has in the beginning of the new millennium become one of the most popular Norwegian politicians. As a consequence of her leadership, her humoristic, straight forward and common political expression, Sosialistisk Venstre (the socialistic left party) the party shows sound growth. Kristin Halvorsen has represented SV at the Norwegian Parliament since 1989. She was 29 years old - her Solar Age Point was in Pisces and Jupiter is in its own sign opposite Mars. Halvorsen took over as leader on May 2. 1997. Her Solar Age Point had then entered Capricorn, enduing new responsibilities - and dignity as shown by the presence of the Moon and disposition by Saturn in its own sign. Her popularity seems to increase as the Solar Age Point enters Sagittarius at 41& 1/2 years, which was in the beginning of 2002.

Posted Jan 21.2011

In explanation to the interview given on 'NorgesMagasinet' on RadioNorge on Jan 19: Halvorsen's Solar Age Point (SAP) is currently 7Scorpio and passing the body of Neptune at 6SC55. It is hardly possible to perform any decent rally at this point in time, as it is a position of weakness, and the governments politics on migration (NE SC) seem to be getting in her way. But to make matters worse, Halvorsen's SAP will be 4 Scorpio and in the degree of the Moon's fall at the time of the 2011 election. Comparisons would be Brundtland, when she failed in getting Norway to enter the EU in 1994, Bondevik, when he had to take a time-out and sick-leave in 1997, and Lars Sponheim, who cast his cards and resigned as party leader for the Liberals (V) after the devastating election in 2009. Halvorsen is heading towards political defeat, but she doesn't have carry the burden all on her own. The question is whether any political maneuvers taken in advance to improve the outfall for the party - rather than bringing the lady to a point of exhaustion.