Trine Solberg Hattestad


Trine Solberg Hattestad is one of Norways most prominent female atheletes through history - recognized for her acheivements with the javelin. Her sport is shown by Pisces on the Midheaven. Both Jupiter in Gemini, and the arrow flying through the air, or the tripod of Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th offer appropriate symbolizations. Since Neptune is in Scorpio, the sign that rules Norway, it is good for national representation. Neptune is in the 5th house of sports and gaming.

When Trine, then named Solberg, made her Olympic debut in Los Angeles in 1984 she immediately became an audience favourite. Her public charm is shown by the exalted Venus in the 10th house. During the Los Angeles Olympics Trine was only 18 years old. Her Age Point has just entered Pisces and was conjunct her void of course Moon. Everyone was taken by suprise when she reaced the javelin finals as an outsider. And she won Olympic points for the Norwegian team with a remarkable 5th place.

Since then she has held a high place in Norwegian hearts. In 1988 she returned to the Olympic arena to compete in Seoul. This time she was favourite to the Gold Medal, her Age Point was 4 degrees Pisces. But notice how this degree is hit by the Lunar Eclipse of Aug. 27. that year. The lunar eclipse destroys her outlooks for success, and the public was taken by suprise again when she failed to qualify to the finals.

In 1993 she won the World Championship, following up with European Championship in 1994. In 1996 Trine was 30 years old she took an Olympic bronse in Atlanta. In the Summer Olympics of Sydney 15.Sept-1.Oct, 2000 she finally won the Gold Medal! After that she resigned from competition on a top level.