Astrology Predicts Iran quake
Two days in advance of June 20.06.1990 - 47.000 calamities
This telefax was sent NORSAR, a Norwegian institute for Seismic observations, on June 18.1990:
Attention - Anders Dahle
I refer to my letter of June 1. including some material on my work into earthquakes. I hope this was received and of interest. Among other things I mention a sensitive date which will occur July 15. this year. After gone into considerable calculations I find Tehran to fall upon a sensitive line and Iran can be a likely place for such a quake. I have no map on global earthquake zones and would be grateful if you had one you could provide me with.

Regards Andrew J. Bevan




Now it is an established fact that the Earthquake in Iran occured already on June 20. (2 days after my fax) and not on July 15. as specified. However, it is equally interesting that the Phillippines (!!) had a similar quake which did occur on July 15. and measured 7,3 on Richters Scale. This does demonstrate the complexity of prediction, because both time, place and nature of event have to match for a hit to prove its validity. However, the occurance of the Iran earthquake only two days after my telefax is to have astounded the EQ institute. Although they never picked up the phone and called me, (of even courtesy or enquiry (!!)), it was brought to my attention that they had a considerable internal debate concerning how such a prediction could be possible.


Rogalands Avis, June 27. 1990