Johan Olav Koss


Johan Olav Koss is the King of the Winter Olympics Speed Skating in Lillehammer in 1994 winning 3 Olympic Golds. His age was 25 years and 4 months. His Solar Age point was 4 degrees Gemini. This is the exaltation degree of the Moons north Node. It is also semi-square the exaltation degree of the Sun. Koss had been suffering from fatigue prior to the Olympics. In view of Mercurys mean position in opposition to Saturn, it is still a miracle how he managed to peek his ability for acheivement. The Age point is leaning towards the next sign and would oppose Neptune in Pisces. Koss stood forward as a Prime ambassador for Olympic Aid during the events. After the competing was over, he auctioned away his skates in order to raise money for the charity. During the year he announced his retirement from speed skating and he concentrated on his studies within medicine (Neptune Scorpio).