Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1989-2011

The Discovery of the Outer Planets

In a basic sense both the inner and outer planetary members of the Solar system have been there in the sky long prior to Man setting his foot on planet Earth. So what occurs when Man discovers a new planet in the Solar system is not a new planet coming into existence, but an expansion of Mans knowledge of the Universe that he lives in. There appears to be an underlying pattern in which this collective growth of knowledge occurs, which is an important discovery in itself if it can be proven through the prediction of the discovery of yet another outer planet. I will go into this in detail when I can get round to preparing and updating this material for the website. But in brief the theory and observations gathered are as such:

1) Both the Moons North Node and Chiron are located in either of the Venus-ruled signs Taurus or Libra at the time of an outer planet discovery.

2) The Moon appears in a Water sign, as all life as we know it once emerged from water.

3) There is a progressive moment in the sky between those positions occupied by the discovered planets.

4) There is a progressive movement in the sky between those positions occupied by the planet Venus in each of the outer planet discoveries. This reason for the progression of this planet is argued by point 1.

The historical discovery of ; Uranus   Neptune   Pluto   Chiron   10th Planet was discovered