Jan Petersen


Jan Petersen took over the leadership of Hoyre (Conservative) in 1994, age 48. His Solar Age Point entered the sign of Leo. The strong 2001 election results gave growth for Hoyre and Petersen. Hoyre forms the political basis for the new Government formed in Autumn 2001, a minority coalition together with Kristelig Folkeparti (The Christians) and Venstre (Liberal Party). Although Petersen had the majority of votes, the Prime Minister post was offered Kjell Magne Bondevik on basis of his political exerience. Jan Petersen took seat as Minister of Foreign Affairs. His Solar Age Point is 18 Cancer, square the exaltation degree of the Sun. The ruler of Cancer, the Moon is in its fall, Scorpio. The coalition has not been successful for H, Krf and V in the sense that neither have been able to represent party politics in a satisfacory manner. There will be a price to pay at the next General Election. Without a radical change of political leadership, Krf (Christian Democrates) and V (Liberals) are dead and the big loosers.