Tycho Brahe


Tycho Brahe is one of most notable astronomers, astrologers and alchemists of the Renaissance – and probably of all time. He was born Tyge Ottesen Brahe on Dec 14. 1546 at Knutstorp in Denmark between 10-11 am LMT according to records. The birthtime is corrected to 10.57 LMT (10.54.28 GMT) by Tycho himself, having taken the latinised version of his birthname at the age of 15. Tycho was the firstborn of twin boys to Otto Brahe and Beate Bille. Twins, in my experience, often appear to be indicated by the Moon's nodes joined to planets in the 9th house, which is an indication of fertility and multiple conceptions in the early stages of gestation [Tad Mann:”LifeTime Astrology”]. In Tycho's chart the north nodes are joined to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Jupiter is in the 12th house in the violent and separative sign of Aquarius. Venus rises before Pluto in Aquarius in the 1st house, which could be the indication of an existential crises at birth. What happens is that the first child, Tycho, survives. The second one, Tycho's twin brother, Niels, is stillborn and dies before he can be baptised. Maybe the loss of the brother, or danger of such, is additionally signified by the South Node in Gemini in the 3rd house of brothers and sisters. Mercury, disposing the South Node and the cusp of the 3rd, and being the natural significator of brethren, is combust the Sun in the 1st degree of Capricorn. Tycho was the oldest son of Otto and Beate, who had 10 children. Tycho had an older sister, Kristine, who died at the age of 13. His youngest sister, Sophia, born September 22.1556, later assisted him in many of his experiments at the observatory at Hven and she was also an accomplished astrologer. Tycho thought Sophia may have gained much more recognition for her work if she had been born a male.

Natal Chart

Tycho and the Age Point

With Jupiter at 8AQ42 and only 7° above the ascendant in Tycho's chart, the early presence and influence of Tycho's uncle, his father's brother, is strongly indicated. Jupiter is lord of the 10th house, of elevated people, and Jupiter is in the sign of his joy. Tycho's uncle Jörgen was a wealthy nobleman important in the Danish King's court, something Tycho's father was not. However, Aquarius may be a sign that proves separated from his seed, and Jörgen and his wife Inger Oxxe were not successful in producing children of their own. So at the age of 2 the uncle and aunt decided that they wanted a child and came and took Tycho away without the knowledge or accept of Tycho's parents, but then Tycho's parents didn't do anything to get their son back either so he remained with his uncle and aunty at the Castle of Tostrup. Tycho's Age point would have crossed Jupiter when Tycho was 15 months old, which might have been the time when his uncle set eye on the young boy, but the influence of Jupiter would continue to be of highest order until the Age point departed from Aquarius. As Tycho came to the age of 2 the Age Point reached 3° Aquarius and was square the degree of the Moon's fall, which relates to Tycho's sense of security, and it was at this time he was taken away from his biological parents. The allignment of Venus with Pluto in Tycho's 1st house, which at birth is shown related to the death of his twin brother, is brought into perfection by Solar Arc direction at the same time, so as a repetition of an initial crises he is taken away from his family and grows up with his uncle and aunt. Jupiter in Aquarius, as the ruler of the 10th, is also a significator of fate and destiny.

At the age of 6 years, Tycho's Age Point comes to 10° Capricorn. The Age Point is in the sign of Mars' exaltation and comes to the square of Mars dignified in his own sign and in the face of the Sun, through signs of short ascension. Mars is on the antiscia of the yet undiscovered Uranus, but which is still in modern terms a signification of modernising, rearrangement or unexpected change. At this time the Tycho's uncle was promoted to Commander of Vordingborg Castle, to which they moved and Tycho began to receive tuition in Latin. The presence of the Sun and Mercury in in the early degrees of Capricorn is significant at this time.The Age Point enters Sagittarius as Tycho reaches 7 ½ years, where is Saturn, Lord of the ascendant, and who is the significator of further disciplining and the presence of a teacher. Chiron and the North Node in Sagittarius, registers at 11 ½ years of age, which would be a key event and the admission to a collective. When Tycho is 12 years and 5 months, in April of 1559, he is admitted to the University of Copenhagen.

When 12 years and 8 months Tycho's Age Point enters Scorpio and nourishes on the essential dignities and celestial state of dispositor Mars. The Age Point passes through this sign until the age of 17 years and 8 months. Tycho was due to study law at university but he is also breaking away into his own and it is here he develops his interest and passion for astronomy. He used to sit up and read during night, contrary to the purpose of his education, yet was encouraged by some of the professors who recognized the young man's enthusiasm for the subject and provided him with books. The Solar eclipse of August 21. 1560, and the fact that it had been predicted, made a strong impression on Tycho and this opened up a new world to the young scholar. It is interesting that he is 13 years and 8 months at this time, which puts his Age Point at 24° Scorpio and casts its anticia to 6° Aquarius, related to the early plotting of Uncle Jörgen to take him away from his parents. For Tycho these degrees are the token of significant changes and discovery of new worlds. How proper does seem the Age Point moving through Scorpio with Mars in Aries on the antiscia of Uranus.

Following his fascination with astronomy Tycho soon found that various positions and charts of the planets and stars in the books available were inaccurate and disagreed with one another. This annoyed him greatly but the frustration motivated him to the degree that he at the age of 17 years made a famous proclamation that said:

- I've studied all available charts of the planets and stars and none of them match the others. There are just as many measurements and methods as there are astronomers and all of them disagree. What's needed is a long term project with the aim of mapping the heavens conducted from a single location over a period of several years.”

At this time Tycho's Age Point was in the early degrees of Scorpio, casting it's sextile to the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn (maps) in the 11th house of plans and perspectives. 15 years had passed since his uncle took him away to live at Tostrup Castle, so it is a time of remembering the abandonment the old and of many new beginnings. Yet, this same year of 1564 his foster father, Jörgen Brahe, dies of pneumonia. The illness occurs after rescuing Frederick II of Denmark from drowning as the king's horse had got thrown into the water at Højbro (Highbridge), the bridge leading to Slotsholmen (CastleHolm). Jørgen Brahe died on June 21. In view of the chain of events and of rights and wrongs, it's possible to wonder a moment whether this could have been a price to be paid for having kidnapped his brother's son 15 years earlier. It's hard to say, but events do move and develop in cycles of 15 years.

From the death of Tycho's twin brother at birth and the early separation from his biological family, we have learned that the conjunction of Venus with Pluto in Aquarius in Tycho's 1st house is acting in dangerous territory. At the age of 20, Tycho was at a Christmas dance arranged by one of his Professors when he after ample drink got into a row with a fellow student regarding who was the best mathematician. The argument resulted in a duel in which Tycho lost the bridge of his nose in the combat with his adversary. Tycho's Age Point is 16° Libra and significantly close to first degree of the Via Combust. Tycho had a copper replacement made for his missing nose and it is said that he had a silver one for special occasions.Four years later, on May 9. 1571, Tycho's biological father dies – Tycho's Age Point is 19°45 Virgo and close conjunct Uranus. The Age Point has separated from his natal Moon by 3° and it was half a year earlier in the end of 1570 that Tycho had received news of his father's illness. The Moon in Virgo (corrupted by Mercury), which is by natural signification supposed to represent Tycho's sense of security, has according to experience proven been a vulnerable point in Tycho's chart. At the time of the father's death the Age Point was also inconjunct the alignment of Venus and Pluto in the 1st house.

In 1572, when Tycho is 25 years old his Age Point is in the middle of Virgo, he meets Kristen Jørgensdatter, a commoner, yet the daughter of a clergyman from Kaageröd, whom he falls in love with. According to Danish law at the time a nobleman was not allowed to wed below his stature, yet when man and woman lived together as husband and wife, and she wore the household keys on her belt like any legal wife, then this relationship becomes a binding moganatic marriage after three years. However, while the husband retained his noble status, the wife remained a commoner and their children were legitimate in the eyes of the law, yet commoners like their mother and could not inherit their father's name, rank or property. Tycho and Kristen had 8 children together. Six of them grew up and lived until a mature age.

Tycho Brahe was very diligent and successful in his work and received patronage from King Frederick II of Denmark who paid for the building of two observatories for Tycho on the island of Hven. Here Tycho also received frequent visits from Queen Sophie, the 27 year younger consort of Frederick II, and it is not only believed that Tycho and Sophie had an affair, it is also speculated that Tycho could be the father of Christian IV of Denmark, the successor of Frederick II. Christian was born on April 12.1577 and would thus have been conceived in July 1576. At this time Tycho Brahe was 29 ½ years old and his Age point would be 19° of the Royal sign Leo, and in opposition to Venus and Pluto in Tycho's nativity. [Princess Diana's Age point was 19° Leo at the time she married Prince Charles and on the antiscia of this degree at the time her fatal death and accident]. If Tycho was the father of Christian IV, then not only would Tycho experience the passions and practical difficulties of Venus joined to Pluto, but yet again he would experience the separation from someone to whom he was biologically related. Tycho has his natal Sun, the dispositor of Leo, in the 11th house of other people children and joined to Mercury, Lord of the 4th – so the truth regarding Tycho's parenthood may have been hidden and concealed.

This could be the true reason for wanting to open tomb and exhume Tycho Brahe's body not only once in 1901, but again in 2010. It might be of lesser historical significance to discover whether Tycho died of Mercury poisoning or a bladder infection, rather than use modern DNA technology to explore the true heritage of the Danish throne.

Tycho has an Aquarius Ascendant, his Moon conjunct Uranus and is know for his ingenuity, but also his many oddities. Examining his 6th house, which has Cancer on the cusp and is disposed by the Moon, among his servants he had in his household a dwarf called Jepp and also a pet Moose. It could be discussed whether the Moose should be ruled by the 6th or the 12th house, but Tycho does have Moon conjunct Uranus, so we'll let it stand. The story says that the moose died when it fell down the stairs after drinking too much beer. The 6th house would also show Tycho's laboratory and place of tools and instrument. The name of Tycho's observatory was Uranienborg.

When Frederick II dies on April 4 1588 he was succeeded by Christian IV, but Christian was only 11 years of age at the time and not old enough to take the administrative responsibilities as monarch. But the death of Frederick II marks the beginning of troubles for Tycho. Tycho is 41 years old and a downhill journey begins as his Age Point encounters the turmoil of the Moon's South Node in Gemini. The conjunction is located at 41 ½ years. It could mean that shadows of Tycho's past are catching up with him.The coronation of Christian IV on August 20. 1596 is probably is the point where Tycho looses all power. In 1597 the family leaves Denmark. One version says that Tycho had to flee because he knew the truth about Christian's origin, that he was his biological father, and if this came forth Christian would be thrown and loose everything. It was all a matter of power, love and politics. Tycho was a threat to Christian, because even if it came up that Tycho was his mother's lover and that Tycho theoretically was his true father, this would endanger Christian's position, so Christian needed Tycho out of the way.

When Christian IV ascends the throne he is aged 19, which means 20 years has passed since he was conceived by his parents. This agrees with Tycho's Age Point being opposite Venus and Pluto at the time of the supposed affair with Queen Sophie and close to the time of Christian's conception, and Tycho's Age Point is sextile Venus and Pluto at the time of Christian IV's coronation. The Age Point is 19 Aries and in the exaltation degree of the Sun, which is considered a Royal degree. Does the strong involvement of Tycho's chart at the time of the coronation of Christian IV mean it is Tycho's son who becomes King? Tycho Brahe leaves Denmark in 1597 at the age of 50. He eventually accepts an invitation from Rudolf II and moves to Prague in 1599. None of Tycho's surviving relatives were ever to return to Denmark. In the Prague Tycho Brahe meets with Johannes Kepler. Brahe's Age Point is about 8° Taurus at this time and forming a square to Jupiter through signs of short ascension. Brahe and Kepler work together from this point on and until Brahe's death on October 24. 1501, but with Tycho closely guarding his own work - right up until the last, at which Kepler gets to inherit it and Tycho's accurate observations provide the keys to Kepler's discovery of his famous laws of planetary motion.

Tycho Brahe was 54 years and 10 months when he died. His Age Point is 17° Pisces. This is just 2° past the opposition of Uranus, which marks 30 years passing since his father died. There is also an inconjunct aspect to 16° Libra, which indicates the place where the Age Point was located at when Tycho was 20 year old and entered a duel and lost his nose. The parallel might be interesting if you want to compare a burst bladder with a burst nose. Try also departing from the Age Point, but inspect the Solar Age Point (SAP), which is calculated in the same accord as the AP but taken from the Sun rather than the Ascendant (Useful for checking the charts of celebrities, or other people with and unknown birthtime). The Solar Age Point of Tycho Brahe is 7° Aquarius and conjunct the body of Jupiter, which represents the beneficiary that took him away from the world of his parents in the first place.

After the exhuming of Tycho's remains in 2010 experts have announced that Mercury poisoning was not the cause of Tycho's death, but findings regarding his DNA and the true heritage of the Danish throne have not been commented.