Prince William


Posted 2006:

Prince William is born only a few hours after the Summer Solstice of 1982. Notice that Neptune is closely conjunct the ascendant. If we push all illusions to one side, the prime reasons for Diana entering the Royal family was that of producing a heir to the throne. Prince William is that heir, but Diana who although makes so many other positive contributions looses control of her own life by serving to the initial purpose. Then William  looses HIS mother at the age of 15 (!!) when his Age Point is square Neptune. 

When his was close 9years old, on June 3. 1991, he was admitted to Hospital, having accidentally received a hit on the side of the head with a golf club and was operated. The Age Point was 3 degrees Scorpio and in the degree of the fall of the Moon. It will be 15 years from this event in 2006.

His father remarries on April 9. 2005 when Willian is 22years and 10 months. His Age Point is 10 degree Leo and sextile Vindemiatrix, the star of Widowhood, but also closing in on the sextile of Mars, who rules the 7th house from the 4rth and the partner of the father.

From the age of 19 1/2 to 29 1/2 years there is a great fortitude in Williams chart  as the Age Point moves through Leo and Cancer. Notice how the ruler of the 4rth house, Venus, is conjunct Algol and Chrion. That is Charles skipping the Crown. My guess is that circumstances will cause Charles to skip the throne and William will reign.