The Earthquake of Chile, May 22.1960

- Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. - (c) 2007


This eclipse occurs with what is by the U.S. Geological Survey described as the largest earthquake in history, measuring a horrendous 9,5 on the Richter scale. While there was reported over 5000 fatalities, 2.000.000 people were left homeless and damages were severe in places as remote as Japan and the Philippines. Go to  for full technical details.

The Earthquake chart


The quake is recorded to have occurred at 19.11.14 UTC (=GMT). In the chart of the event, we immediately notice the semi-sextile between the Sun and the Moon  in the early degrees of Gemini and Taurus. However, the most striking feature of the chart being Mars, ruler of the preceding solar eclipse, located exactly on the descendant and having reached the crucial degree of 8Aries. This degree we frequently find involved in the charts of other major earthquakes, and quite often Mars also is involved.

Uranus is square the midpoint of the luminaries, Sun and Moon. Reference to this will be made further down.

Moon is on the midpoint of Venus and Mars, who are in a semi-square in the chart and are rulers of the Asc. and Des. Moon is also on the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, who are inconjunct each other and represent a planetary opposite just like Mars and Venus, but in a different fashion.

Vindemiatrix at 9LI15 is close the Ascendant, opposite Mars - and represents the cataclysmic effect of continents in collision. This fixed star is known to up-set the balance and appear in collision charts. However, to get to the core of the occurrence of the earthquake, we must move on to a study of the eclipse charts involved.


The Preceding Solar Eclipse


The solar eclipse of March 27.1960 occurs at 6AR39. Carl Jansky labels the eclipse to belong to Saros series S19, while Fred Espenack of Nasa catalogues it as Saros series 148. Either way both authorities agree that this Saros series commenced with the partial solar eclipse of Sep.21.1653 and we may safely refer to the catalogue of Mr. Espenack..

The solar eclipse at 6AR39 is notably close to the EQ-sensitive degree of 8Aries. The eclipse occurs on the midpoint of the Asc/Des. We find a similar involvement of the recent eclipse on the midpoint of the local angles in the charts of Oslo 1904 and San Francisco 1989. Mars is ruler of the eclipse and located in the Ascendant in violent Aquarius, square the violent fixed Algol in the 4th house.

The solar eclipse occurs at the Moon's southern node, which is a trait that is characteristic for this Saros series. The orb seperating the luminaries and the Moon's node reveals that this eclipse is a partial eclipse since a total eclipse only can occur when the New Moon occurs within 11degree15' of arc.  However, note that the midpoint of the eclipse and the south node is conjunct the vernal equinox, or 0Aries. In the chart of the eclipse of Sep.21.1653 that follows below, and that initiated the Saros series, the midpoint of the eclipse and the south node is found on the midheaven of the local chart.

There is a funny, although thought-provoking configuration of Serapis present in the eclipse chart. The eclipsed Sun is square Jupiter, inconjunct Pluto. At the time of the quake the Sun was square Pluto and  inconjunct Jupiter!! Serapis is according to Phylarchus, "the power that disposed the Universe into its present beautiful order”. A configuration involving Sun, Jupiter and Pluto is also found in the eclipse chart of Aug.31.1989, prior to the San Francisco of Oct.17.1989.


Initiating Solar Eclipse Saros Series 148


The first and initiating eclipse of Saros series 148 occurs on Sep.21.1653. I have calculated the above chart for the same longitude and latitude as the Chile 9,5 Richter earthquake. The eclipse is square Uranus. This is akin to Uranus being square the midpoint of the luminaries, as in the chart of the event. The astrological doctrine teaches us that the initial eclipse of a Saros series bears a significant meaning for all following eclipses of that particular series as it develops from beginning to end.

The eclipse occurs in the final degrees of the mutable earth sign, Virgo. As mutable earth goes, Virgo has a reputation for bringing about earthquakes. The eclipse occurs but 1 degree from the Autumnal equinox at 0 degrees Libra. The eclipse is square Uranus in Sagittarius. There could hardly be a more telling aspect in the chart. Regarding Uranus' location in Sagittarius, earthquakes are due to the traveling of continents and motions of growth.

There is no particular aspects in the chart between Sun, Jupiter and Pluto - that would be interesting if we were looking for something to monitor the balance and state of nature, but there is a curious configuration consisting of the culminating eclipse and Jupiter and Pluto that are located below the horizon in the northeastern and northwestern hemisphere.

Of  specific relevance to the locality of the Chile earthquake of 1960, the MC of this location is on the midpoint of SU/MO and the South Node. The local ascendant is 9CP43 and that is square 9 degrees Aries, the degree shown sensitive in many earthquake charts.

The End.