by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1990-2007

Published in Urania, No.1 April/May 1990, by The Mountain Astrologer


Upon Uranus' entry to Capricorn on Dec2 1988, I released a general prediction in an Oslo-region newspaper (Romeriksposten) concerning the likelihood of a global explosion (earthquake) to occur within the immediate future. When Armenia was ht by a death bringing quake on Dec. 7, I was slightly irritated I hadn’t spent more time on the problem.

Uranus ingress Capricorn

Calculating the Uranus entry Capricorn chart for Leninakan, Armenia, revealed that Mars at 7AR05, cast his antiscia to the Virgo IC. Luna was in Virgo in the 4th, needing 4 ˝ degrees or 4 ˝ days to be directed to Libra (Armenia) and the square of the ingress Uranus at 0 degrees Capricorn.

The USSR embassy most kindly passed on my calculations concerning the possibilities of new quakes for when the Moon squared Saturn and Neptune. Such quakes did not occur, but it is a notable fact that the animals that disappeared from Leninakan the day before the quake returned the day after the Moon was directed to square Neptune. Meanwhile, Jan Mayern (possibly Libra?) had been shaken by a powerful quake on Dec. 13th, measuring 5,6Richter.

Impressed by the Moon’s direction to Libra signifying Armenia, I noted that the Moon would reach Pluto in Scorpio (Norway) on Jan.19, 1989. Searching for a supporting clue, I found that the full moon of Jan.21. 1989, when cast for Oslo, showed the Uranus/Saturn conjunction (5 degree orb) containing the local IC. From this I made a new prediction that was printed in both the newspaper "Romeriksposten", Dec.30 1988, and the national weekly magazine "Billedbladet Naa", Jan.5 1989, suggesting that Norway would be shaken by noticeable earthquakes around Jan.21 ’89. Norway only very rarely experiences earthquakes of notable size. The result, however, was 3 large earthquakes within one week of the predicted date. The second and largest of the quakes struck on Jan.23 and measured 5.3 on the Richter scale. Earthquake experts characterized the event as a once in 50 year happening!

Full Moon Oslo, Jan 21. 1989



San Francisco quake Oct 17. 1989

Casting Uranus’ entry to Capricorn for San Francisco reveals Mars within 1 degree of the local IC at 7AR54. This degree was strongly emphasized in the chart of the Great Quake of April 18. 1906. Uranus in Capricorn at that time was on the MC, opposed Neptune in Cancer along the meridian axis, and Mercury formed a T-square with the two and was stationary focal planet at 7AR34.

San Francisco received a warning of what was to come with a quake occurring at San Jose on Aug 8. 1989. The Moon in the Uranus-to-Capricorn chart was directed to approximately 4 degrees Gemini (USA).

The direction of the Moon from Uranus’ entry to Capricorn did on Oct.17. 1989 reach 15 degrees Leo. Leo is one of the signs Rex E. Bills lists as possible rulers of San Francisco (along with Gemini and Scorpio). 15 degrees Leo is one if the gates or power centers described by Johndro on basis of the division of the zodiac into eight. The directed Moon makes a semi-square to the Uranus 0 degrees Capricorn entry. Other evidence of the San Francisco quake was found by studying the preceding solar eclipse of Aug. 31. 1989.

On Oct 23.1904, the Oslo region experienced a historical earthquake that caused damage to houses and was felt all over Europe. The solar eclipse prior to this earthquake occurred at 20.43 GMT on Sept. 9. 1904 at 16VI42. Cast for Oslo (59N56, 10E43), the chart shows the Sun as the ruler of the IC (earthquakes) being eclipsed by the Moon in Virgo (a noted sign for earthquakes). The Midheaven is on the midpoint of the Ascendant and the eclipse.

Preceding eclipse Oslo 1904


Now, comparing this with the chart of the solar eclipse of Aug. 31. 1989 cast for San Francisco this shows the Sun (ruler of the IC) eclipsed by the Moon in Virgo and the Ascendant is on the midpoint of the eclipse and the Midheaven!! Another interesting configuration is that the eclipse falls on the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto. Julian said that these three planets formed the entity of Serapis. Phlyarchus added that this god figure was the power that had disposed he universe into its present beautiful order. I judged that when the Sun was eclipsed in such a figure, the order would be more likely to be upset.  

Preceding eclipse San Francisco 1989

I would encourage the reader to complete a more thorough analysis of the eclipses, syzygys and other astrological phenomena related to each of the quakes and events I have presented. This article remains a summary of some of my findings. Note that when Oslo was shaken by a major quake on Oct. 23. 1904 there had been a relevant eclipse on Sept 9. 1904, 44 days earlier. When San Francisco has hit on Oct. 17.1989 the corresponding eclipse took place on Aug 31. 1989, 47 days before the quake. As far as timing is concerned there is a variation of 3 days.

To close this article where I started, directing the Moon in the Uranus ingress into Capricorn chart at the rate of one degree a day, I discovered that major earthquakes were reappearing at intervals close to 45 days. This means directing the Moon 365 degrees a year. First the earthquake of Armenia, measuring 6.8 Richter and taking 25.000 lives on Dec.7.1988 as the Moon was directed to Libra (Armenia). Then 45 days later the EQ of Norway (calculation date Jan.21.1989) as the Moon was directed through Scorpio (Norway). The San Francisco quake of Oct.17.1989 occurred 269 days (or 6x45 days) after the Norwegian quake, and the directed Moon was in Leo (San Francisco). There were significant EQ's in both Peru (7.9 richer, killing 66.000) and Romania on May 31.1990, which is 225 days (5x45days) after the San Francisco quake. The directed Moon was in multiple Pisces. 45 days after the earthquakes in Peru and Romania, then occurred the earthquake of the Philippines of 7.8 Richter on July 15.1990 with the Moon making its direction through Taurus. Finally, the Iran earthquake of June 20.1990 that had as many as 47.000 casualties, and  which occurred between the quakes of Peru+Romania and the Philippines as the Moon was directed through Aries (Iran). Please go to my telefax sent Norwegian seismological experts 2 days prior to the earthquake of Iran, specifying the Iran was vulnerable to be hit of a quake of such magnitude, and also specifying the date of the EQ of the Philippines.


Oslo quake 1904 10.27 GMT Oct.23. 1904 59N56 10E43
San Francisco 1906 13.13 GMT Apr.18. 1906 37N47 122W25
San Jose 1989 08.00 GMT Aug.08. 1989 34N20 121W53
San Francisco 1989 00.04 GMT Oct.18. 1989 36N58 122W01


Also check the Great Earthquake of Chile, May 22.1960, measuring 9,5 Richter