Icelandic Volcano Erupts

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2010

Sleeping Volcano erupts 21.March 2010
The event was predicted by astrologer Andrew Bevan  when he recognized the potential of a volcanic eruption at the height of the Icelandic financial crises. His prediction appeared at almost 1,5 years in advance, on 8.Oct 2008:
 - "As Pluto passes the 4th cusp this Island is again due to be vulnerable to a national crises and there is  likely to be an example of heightened volcanic activity."
Transit Pluto made its first entry into the sign of Capricorn in January 2008, but didn't establish itself there until late November of the same year. It made its first passage of the 4th cusp in the chart of Iceland in January 2010 and will swing backwards and forwards over this point throughout the year, making its last exact contact in November.

Aftenposten, 21 March 2010: The volcano under Eyjafjallajökull awoke to life just after midnight. - We do not think anyone is in danger, but we evacuated between 500 and 600 people from the area, "said Sigur Geir Gudmundsson in the government's emergency preparedness group, according to NTB. Previous eruptions of the volcano occurred way back in 1823. Source: Aftenposten

The National Chart of Iceland

The Prediction:
From Skyscript:  ... notice that Reykjavik on May 29. 2008 was hit by a significant earthquake that measured 6,1 on Richters scale. At this point Pluto was located 0CP21, which is exactly on the contra-antiscia of Saturn, lord of the 4th. Iceland has many active or potentially active volcanos and the eruption of Helgefjell on Jan 23. 1973, which buried the nearby town of Herculaneum should be mentioned. There was a solar eclipse on Jan.4.1973 at 14CP10, which is in the 4th house of the Iceland chart. The 70's were also colored by another crises of national and territorial importance, namely the Cod-war. As Pluto passes the 4th cusp this Island is again due to be vulnerable to a national crises and there is likely to be an example of heightened volcanic activity.
Eyjafjallajoekull Erupts
"The eruption occurred a mere 6 hours after the Sun entered Aries and crossed the Vernal Equinox (Spring). Both luminaries are on sign cusps. The Moon is square the Midheaven. The Sun opposes Saturn, Lord of the 4th. There is the need to see how the story develops as the Sun moves in on the T-square with Saturn and Pluto."

The Volcano last erupted in 1823. Checking with the Vernal equinox of that year there is an interesting alignment of the Sun, Pluto and Mars - all in the first degree of Aries. There is powerful activity in the first degree of Aries through 2010.

Bevan's studies on the financial crises in Iceland were presented on Icelandic television 10. January but is unfortunately no longer available for viewing. (
"One of the things we should be asking ourselves is whether the could be a relationship between civil affairs and a build up of tensions in Nature," Bevan adds.
Seismic Peak - 13 April was predicted
From Skyscript on Chile and Haiti quakes:
Andrew Bevan

Location: Oslo, Norway
Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:14 pm    

Another giga-sized earthquake does not necessarily have to occur on the next 45 day key-date but if that were the case then 13 April is the date. The first thing to do is to see whether a new major afterquake occurs after the Moon has moved 90 degrees forwards in the sky, which brings us to 5 March. 
While 5 March pinpointed the most powerful afterquakes in Chile, on the morning of 14 April 2010 we woke up to the news of earthquakes hitting China with 800 fatalities and injuring 10.000 people. And the volcano on Iceland has erupted again. 800 people are evacuated from their homes. Clouds of ash from the volcano close down air traffic in Norway, in the UK and other places in Europe on 15 April. Source: Aftenposten  Check: Press Release 27. Feb. 2010
Could Katla Erupt? 
 From Skyscript:
Andrew Bevan

Location: Oslo, Norway
Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:31 am    Post subject:  

It seems to be too early to say anything for certain about how this story will develop. The first important cross-roads is to get past the 5 week barrier from 20 March and that leads to 24 April. Monitoring how the main Volcano performs at this point of time might give a better indication of the long term picture.
Andrew Bevan

Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:54 pm    Post subject:  

The 24. April could be the monster volcano Katla. Experts will be keeping an eye on that one! The Sun was involved in a T-square upon entering Aries. The drama started shortly after the Sun entered Aries, but the direction through Aries gives it two heads - first Saturn, then Pluto.

Background material: Dagbladet

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